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Postdoctoral Recruitment for Prof. Bo Wang’s Research Team, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology

RECRUITMENT DIRECTION (2 to 4 postdoctoral fellows)

a.Integration of fuel cell stack system, polymer base membrane electrode and proton conductive membrane etc.

b.Organic synthesis

c.Intelligent response to the separation direction of polymer materials or polymer-based membranes

d.Theoretical calculations related to adsorption, separation and catalysis of porous materials


a.Possessing or about to obtain a doctorate in materials chemistry, organic synthesis or similar majors;

b.Published more than two high-level academic papers;

c.Relevant independent working experience in the above-mentioned related research fields;

d.Teamwork spirit, willing to try new research directions;

e.Strong ambition, good health, under 35 years old.


a.Postdoctoral fellows of Beijing Institute of Technology enter the station, conduct scientific research on related topics, and publish high-level scientific research papers.

b.Participate in cooperation and exchanges in related academic fields and assist instructors in advancing and completing the project.

c.Assist cooperative instructors to improve platform construction.





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