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Postdoctoral Recruitment for Composite Materials Group, Institute of Composite Materials


a. Functional ceramics materials;

b. Photoelectric functional material;

c. Catalytic materials for energy.


a. Aged under 36, value integrity in science research, have gained (in recent 3 years) or soon to gain the doctoral degree from prestigious universities at home or abroad;

b. Research background in material, physics, or chemistry;

c. Have teamwork spirit and innovative ability;

d. Strong Chinese and English writing skills.


a. Apply for and undertake postdoctoral fund projects and other Chinese scientific rese

Postdoctoral Recruitment for Prof. Bo Wang’s Research Team, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology

RECRUITMENT DIRECTION (2 to 4 postdoctoral fellows)

a.Integration of fuel cell stack system, polymer base membrane electrode and proton conductive membrane etc.

b.Organic synthesis

c.Intelligent response to the separation direction of polymer materials or polymer-based membranes

d.Theoretical calculations related to adsorption, separation and catalysis of porous materials


a.Possessing or about to obtain a doctorate in materials chemistry, organic synthesis or similar majors;

b.Published more than two high-level academic papers;

c.Relevant independent working experience in the ab

Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence (GSAI) of Renmin University of China (RUC)


Candidates working on AI or AI-related research areas are welcomed, including but not limited to the following:

a. Machine Learning

b. Computer Vision

c. Natural Language Processing

d. Information Retrieval

e. Knowledge Mining, Representation, and Reasoning


To be qualified for the positions, you need to have:

a. A PhD degree in AI or AI-related areas;

b. Outstanding research and teaching capabilities;

c. Professional ethics and academic morals.


Tel:  +86 10 62511257



Recruitment of 2~3 postdoctoral Fellows/Assistant Professors by Dr. Xuemin Du’s Group, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Recruitment of Dr. Du xuemin from shenzhen institute of advanced technology, Chinese academy of sciences.


a. PhD degree with majors on chemistry, material sciences and related subjects.

b. Fluent English in reading and writing, candidates have good TOFEL, GRE, IELTS or CET-6 scores are preferred.

c. Research background of responsive hydrogel, supermolecular hydrogel, biomedical glue, shape memory/self-healing polymer, photonic crystal, biochemical sensor and drug delivery (any of them).

d. Published first-author paper on high impact factor journals.

e. Self-moti

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